C1+E Driver Training

Already got your C1 license and now need the ability to tow a trailer?

If you do you’ll need to add category C1+E. This is required by law when driving a Small Lorry with a trailer over 750kg gross weight attached. Examples include contractors who are towing equipment such as mini-diggers, tree care companies towing wood chippers or horse owners towing additional horses in a horse trailer.

In order to take the test you must be 18 or over and hold a UK driving licence with the LGV C1  driving licence entitlement. There’s no need to take any theory tests as this will have been covered in order to take and pass the initial C1 practical driving test.

During the practical training we will cover:

  • A refresher of the standards required for the C1 practical driving test.
  • The dynamic differences of driving when towing a trailer such as speed, weight and length.
  • The correct procedures for safe coupling and uncoupling of a trailer.
  • The skills required to reverse with a trailer.

Course Options:

1:1 Two Day Course for C1+E Practical Driving Test:

  • Practical training will be completed over 2 days with the test taking place in the afternoon of the second day.

1:1 One Day Course for C1+E Practical Driving Test:

  • The practical training will take place during the morning followed by an afternoon test.
  • This course is only suitable for drivers who have completed their initial C1 test with us within a 6 month period following the successful test result.

For our latest course dates and prices please contact us.